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Gridy Smart Bot (AI Grid Trading Bot) combines the power of artificial intelligence with the proven grid trading strategy to help you seize opportunities in the market and enhance your trading performance.
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Smart Bot Daily ROI +8.44%

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Name Daily PnL Daily ROI
L*****u +485.23 USD +14.02%
J**********g -0.29 USD -0.98%
G***y -2.02 USD -1.22%
k****n -3.08 USD -1.03%
w********8 -8.91 USD -2.97%
T***y -9.27 USD -4.64%
P***y -43.61 USD -8.72%

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The Power of 1x Leverage and Stable ~30% APR

Unlike most trading bots that use high leverage to achieve high returns with high risk, Gridy Smart Bot is designed to use only 1x leverage, ensuring a safety-first policy. Operating on this secure foundation, Gridy Smart Bot's backtest results showed it could consistently retain over 30% APR through advanced AI technology and Grid strategies.

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